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Open Strategies

Liquid Stablecoin Yield

Lakefront’s market-leading fund for investors seeking steady, differentiated yields. Targets low volatility and risk while maximizing returns. Daily liquidity, suitable for short-to-long-term time horizons.
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Hedged Market Leader Beta

Gain exposure to crypto's two biggest players - Bitcoin and Ether - protected from downside volatility through active hedging. Designed for those looking for long-term allocations to the asset class with lower risk of large short-term losses.
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Market Neutral Return

Proprietary strategies delivering absolute returns. We leverage our deep understanding of blockchain technology to identify and take advantage of idiosyncratic opportunities.
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Small Cap Hypergrowth

Recent market moves have created an opportunity to invest in the next generation of cryptocurrency projects with both liquidity and the potential for incredible growth. We find these projects, work with the teams, and guide them to their best outcomes.
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Our Mission

Blockchain technology and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) represent a paradigm shift in the way that we think about value, ownership, and data storage. They have seen massive growth since the initial introduction of Bitcoin, and the resulting markets continue to be sources of incredible opportunity.

Lakefront’s mission is to develop and accelerate the adoption of these new technologies, and build tools that allow global access to the bleeding edge of their capability.

Our Approach

Lakefront started with a team of builders from traditional finance and technology firms who discovered the posibilities of blockchain technology. We started by building tools to analyze and interpret the blockchain, then decided to put those tools to real use as an investment firm.

Every strategy begins with a core thesis that is tested, iterated, and honed within the firm. Once satisfied with performance and scalability, we launch an open fund for outside investors.

We take an active role in shaping the crypto ecosystem: market-making and liquidity provision for certain protocols, voting on governance proposals, and the in-house development of smart contracts to improve outcomes for both our investors and the ecosystem as a whole.

Our Leadership

Louis Brion
Emmanuel Assa
Chris Heung
Lucas Sanchez
Head of Engineering

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